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I came up with the idea for this website after I lost my favourite necklace. I had put it in my backpack before going for a swim at the PAC and a couple of days I noticed it was missing. I tried to retrace my steps and even re-visited a restaurant see if someone return it. It occurred to me that if someone had found it they would have no idea how to reach me. Funny enough this idea had occurred to me long before this incident but I didn’t take the idea seriously and never wrote it down. I recapped the story to my professor during his office hours and he loved it. After 4 months of planning and 4 months of development we completed a prototype. The final version that’s ready for launch is now at []. To complete the circle, a picture of the first post: my necklace


Here is a snippet of the base code I came up with. It uses the haversine formula (assuming the earth’s radius is constant) to find the n closest points to the one requested. I used this along with AJAX to fetch the points. For simplicity I will be using procedural mysql functions (no SQL injection protection).